The Sparrow

They never sit still. This one, however, did briefly pose for me.


Cedar Waxwing passage

They stopped by several weeks ago on their annual migration, and graciously allowed me a few shots.


RTD's rubbish display bins

Excellent craftsmanship is evident in the trash display cases installed at RTD light rail stations.
Whose idea was this? Does someone get paid to clean the glass inside and out?
Perhaps RTD will sell advertising space in the transparent panels...


Little White Butterflies

Not to be confused with Little Green Footballs.
These are very difficult to shoot, moving out of the frame before I can get a focus lock. They seem to never stop flying.


On the fence

Grackle, finch and robin
Fence-sitters all three
Just like me

Architectural reflections

Early Sunday morning, a clear sky, no traffic...
Structures mirroring one another.


Eight years passing

The morning's journey of remembrance passes by the blossoms at Auraria.
Freshness in the cool garden, where the hand of the Divine paints in favorite colors.

The watcher at the corner, while playing in the sun, spoke softly,

"It is a good day to be free..."

Update 2008-05-05 12:11 PM The deliberately cryptic text posted yesterday, which contained references to real people and events of significance to the author, has been modified. It was such a beautiful day, after all.