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In the Red Light Zone...
Big Brother is ticketing you...


A Moment; Eternity

Time, towering at Daniels & Fisher, now, the moment of existence, the moment of creation, eternity.
Energy and Information generate the matrix of existence.
Something within a photon tells it how to be a photon.
Something within an electron tells it how to be an electron and how to act when the photon is absorbed by my camera's image sensor.
This innate element of information is more important than any other aspect of existence. Without that informative element, that internal directive nature, there is no photon, no electron, no image sensor, no D&F Tower, no background of twilight and cloud.
And none to see it.


The Concrete Jumble...

...during the dry season at Skyline Park...


The Rally Palestinian on the 24th

The 24th, a Saturday, brought skies that were a hazy gray
with mountains nowhere to be seen.
Seeking web development, and some resume enhancement,
to the Pyramid of Knowledge did I go.

Playing down among the trees, which are now devoid of leaves
a squirrel enlarged his girth a little more.

Emerging from the shelves of tomes, I looked upon the Golden Dome
of the Temple of Temporal Power

And beheld, on sidewalk down below, a line
of protestors for Palestine,
such as I have seen before.

The shutter button I did press, and within a short time did assess
faces from a time weeks past.

Such as the stern-faced man with camera video in hand
shooting me shooting him.

And in sweater silv'ry-gray, no doubt to match her kaffieh,
the Venezuelan Venus of before.

Now The Cat in the Hat would be proud to have
a fez like that!

Oh, the signs...

Let he who has an eye to see

Discern falsehood from verity.

There are some who believe, I know

Or on this sidewalk they wouldn't show

With flags of Palestine, and USA,

and Iran, a nation of Islamic way,

and Bolivia, with President Marxista,

and Venezuela; is she Chavista?

Now, as this flag came down the pole
the call to Muslim prayer did roll
Aaah, the coinciding ritual!
Upon the grass did Muslims pray and bow
In their manner so traditional
Before protesting yet some more
with chanting in the leftist style.

"Palestinian Chant 2009-01-24, the movie"
Up by the Civil War Memorial a Microphone was set
but no one came to use it
And when I asked no one could tell me
who was even supposed to be there.
And so the protest fizzled
and they wandered all away,
will they be back another day?

Had they been driven off
by Vikings?


A Sterling Starling

Magnificently attired.



Face-Off at the Capitol

The Face-Off
under the golden dome of the Temple of Temporal Power

On the Eastern side of the street, on the Capitol grounds,


and politicians

urged support for Israel in the battle with Islamists.

"Tom Tancredo, the Movie"

Prayers were offered.

Inspirational patriotic song

"Israeli Anthem, the Movie"

and a musician of tradition with his sho'nuff Shofar

were followed by celebratory dance.

"Happy Dancing, the Movie"

Caped Superheros showed up.
To the East, the friendly long-eared Israeli Spaniel,

and to the West,
(notice how neatly I segue to War Memorial Park)

the beautiful long-haired Venezuelan Venus
and Secret Identity Man.

Real heros kept things going peacefully,
the police and event organizers on both sides of the street.

Somehow, Islam and Communism have developed a sort of rapport.

A lady in pink, holding a quote from Lincoln,
faces a street called Lincoln.

There is no singing, but there is chanting.

"Palestinian Chanting, the Movie"

A reminder for the Congressman,
who once reputedly made comment about certain structures and cities.

Does it exist without righteousness and/or truth?
It is a wonderful concept.

The sidewalk was filled for the whole block
with the pro-Palestine (or anti-Israel) demonstrators.

"Palestinians on Lincoln, the Movie"

War is hell, it is said.
And it is an evil we must yet endure for a while.
May it soon end forever,
And the sons of Abraham live together in peace.
Pray for this peace.

Update 2009-01-14 2:11 PM

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